Services + Rates


When you are too busy running your business to fill up that blog or sit down to write that e-book, you should let me do the work for you! I have an uncanny ability of being able to duplicate any writing style or writing voice. I can make MY work sound like YOUR work! By using my ghostwriting services, YOU get to keep full rights to all of the work I submit to you.

My rates are:

Blog Post (400-500 words) – I will be in charge of writing, editing and formatting (including an appropriate picture) all for $50.00. You will be in charge of publishing post, moderating comments and marketing via your social media strategy.


Article for Publication (length will vary) – I will take care of the research, interviews, writing and editing of the piece. You will give me your editor’s specific directions, deadline information, be responsible for submitting the piece and any subsequent communication with your editor. I will only charge you $250.00 for this service! Seems like a good deal, right?


E-book – If you are not ready to write that ebook for your site or business…don’t worry, I am! I will handle all of the research, writing and editing. You will be in charge of the book design, format and distribution. Up to 10 pages will cost you $50.00 per page (400 words), if you want a book over 10 pages it will only cost you $40.00 per page (400 words).



You might say that I’m weird, but I actually love to proofread! Having a fresh set of eyes look over your masterpiece is imperative. It is very rare that I read a website, blog post or published novel and do not discover a typo or error. I consider it one of my super powers!

Want my eagle eyes to look over your work? I charge $15.00 per page (400 words).



Want to hire me? It’s easy! Either fire off an email to or fill in the contact form below! I will get back to you lickety split!